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Executive Board

Welcome to CSPTA!

Welcome to a new year, CSPTA was able to begin a new chapter in the organization's mission to provide the highest level of safe and efficient transportation.

As you begin to settle into your routine, please consider the CSPTA website one of the resources in your tool bag as you will find many documents to aid your decision making. The School Bus Facts tab may be a good place to start. The Job Board may also be a great resource as open positions are updated there on a monthly basis.

Finally, don't forget about participating in one of our committees as this is the place where professionals such as yourself will find the greatest resource in networking.

These are the 2020-2021 dates for CSPTA Executive Board meetings. We would like to have ONE committee member attend each E-Board meeting to represent their committee and report what is going on within the committee.

We also would like to you know, as our members, that their opinions matter! These meetings are also an opportunity to voice your concerns:

  • 6/9/2020- Virtual Meeting 10AM-1PM Meeting Minutes
  • 713/2021- Virtual Meeting 10-AM-1PM Meeting Minutes 
    • 8/11/2021-Virtual Meeting Meeting Minutes
    • 9/14/2021- Virtual Meeting Meeting Minutes
    • 1012/2021- Virtual Meeting Meeting MInutes 
    • 11/9/2021-Virtual Meeting 
    • 12/14/2021- Virtual Meeting 
    • 1/11/2022- Virtual Meeting 
    • 2/8/2022- Virtual Meeting 
    • 3/8/2022-Virtual Meeting 
    • 4/12/2022- Virtual meeting 
    • 5/10/2022- Virtual Meeting 

May all your buses run well and your routes be covered as you begin the new year. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to help you throughout the school year.

CSPTA Executive Board

Connect with the E-Board!

Meet the members of the 2019-2020 CSPTA Executive Board! Send a message or get helpful resources from this group by clicking the button below.